Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some changes in the Doghouse

I have to tell you some things have changed in this Doghouse. First of all, the "Weblog" under the categories altered to "Notices" (告白). I think it would be more accurate in meaning while focusing on this weblog rather than the others.

Also, the numerous posts "Movies watched recently" seem disorganizing, and are not easy to revise. Therefore, I tried to gather them into two posts, "Movies watched in December 2004" and "Movies watched in January 2005". And I would renew "Movies watched in February 2005" in this month regularly. I hope you would like it.

Finally, I guess some of you have already known about the disfunction of the message board for a period of time. Yes, it is still unavailable. Though I quite like this board, may be we have to change another one later. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.